Di Costa Partners Difference

Di Costa Partners - Team


The Di Costa Partners senior team is comprised of experienced fund advisory, governance and proxy solicitation veterans, all of whom have at least two decades of experience. The team has worked on hundreds of successful campaigns over the years which have helped to formulate our unique approach.

Di Costa Partners - Analytics


The Di Costa Partners process relies heavily on our proprietary shareholder analysis and profiling analytics. Critical to our approach, we merge historical and predictive analytics to develop a deep understanding of the shareholder voting population looking at both retail and institutional shareholder segments. Our vote projection drives the solicitation process uncovering voting participation hurdles, developing proven solicitation strategies and accurately assessing fees and costs.

Di Costa Partners - Strategy


Based on our analytics, we develop a comprehensive solicitation strategy designed to maximize voting from critical segments of the shareholder population. We understand how voting patterns differ from the largest broker dealers to key institutional participants.

Di Costa Partners - Execution


Utilizing a variety of secure tools and resources, we execute the solicitation plan, customizing our approach for each client’s strategy. The “Financial Advisors Program” is one of our proprietary tools to increase retail shareholder participation. DCP has also rolled out innovative solutions like our OneVoteProxy™ card. This card allows for shareholders with multiple accounts to receive one proxy card and vote all accounts within that one card. This dramatically reduces the costs for the number of pieces printed, mailed and returned for processing -- and dramatically improves the Shareholder Experience. We manage all aspects of the process, helping clients efficiently execute campaigns. During these campaigns, the privacy and protection of fund shareholder data is of the utmost concern.

Di Costa Partners - Rescue Service

Rescue Service

Unfortunately, proxy solicitations or closed-end fund proxy fights do not always go as planned. Di Costa Partners often is hired to help an asset manager that is failing to achieve a favorable vote leading up to a shareholder meeting. We move quickly to understand the shareholder constituencies, determine the best path and engage with the agreed communication strategies to achieve a successful outcome.

Di Costa Partners - Outcomes


Being in the trenches for decades, our team has successfully partnered with assets managers and their boards in corporate governance crisis situations. We have weathered storms involving controversial management proposals, complex wide vote initiatives and closed end fund proxy fights. These experiences have built strong relationships and trust with our clients across the industry.